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Skills drive results


of data leaders cite influencing other decision makers as a top 3 challenge for driving impact


of data leaders cite limited data skills as a top challenge to drive results in their organization


of data leaders cite poor data literacy as a major blocker to their ability to affect their organization

Modal can help you solve for all these skill gaps
What's in a modal course?

Learner First Experience

1-1 Coaching
Learners receive individualized guidance, instruction, and motivation from real industry experts, leading to high completion and satisfaction.
Real world practice
All in course practices are built around more than just technical exercises, but real, applied, business scenarios and data. The combination of simulated and on-the-job projects provides context and creates work ready skills.
Modal Community
Courses are built around summative challenges that encompass all the skills they've learned, while reinforcing collaborative and business skills.
Flexible asynchronous learning allows learners to control when they engage with content, while assignments and deadlines ensure they stay on track.
Built-in IDE
In-browser coding environment mitigates challenges with downloading, versioning, and file management, while enabling paired programming and inline feedback.
Individual guidance
Learners are individually guided to specific courses tied to their unique skill needs, and company objectives, ensuring learning is both relevant and productive.

Learn skills, that matter.

Best-In-Class Results

"Modal is the BEST. I love the real time coaching and guidance to do my job better"
Rafael José Italiano
Senior Analyst

Strategic upskilling, humanized.

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