Build The Right Skill Sets Across Your Team

Integrate live instruction with learning cohorts, self-paced study, labs, and projects

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Develop critical technical skills through live events and projects

We learn together.


Employees Learn By Doing
in 8 Week Courses

Projects and Practice
Real world exercises contextualize learning in real-world context
Live Sessions
Guest speakers and expert instructors add urgency through live online sessions
Modal Community
Community of Peers
We learn better together. Learner cohorts form a community of peers for support
Asynchronous Learning
Self-paced learning is scheduled for each learner and Live sessions help employees ‘stick with the program’
Technical Labs
Hands-on lab experiences allow learners to play with new tools and concepts and build real skills
On-Demand Coaching Support
Learners are never alone. Coaches  are always present and can help employees when they get stuck on projects or concepts

Learning Each Week

You’re in this experience with a cohort of fantastic professionals who you’ll learn from and connect with.
Self Study

Dive into a new topic with online self-study

On call coaches support learners hitting roadblocks

Manager check-in to bring learning into company context

Tuesday / Wednesday

Practice your new skills in lab sandbox environments

Pair programming exercises

Community student support

Live Events

Extend your learning in weekly live sessions

Celebrity Speakers

Breakout Group Sessions


Lock it in with real-world projects

On call coaches support learners

Group Projects

Community student support

Expert Coaching

Help and Support from Expert Coaches

1:1 help sessions

Detailed project feedback

Office hours

The Modal Difference

"The weekly live sessions are the BEST. I love the office hours with real time coaching and guidance to do my job better"
Rafael José Italiano
Senior Analyst

Practical technical skills through cohort learning and coaching.

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