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Generative AI

Learn practical skills for leveraging generative AI and LLMs on the job
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Generative AI has the potential to change the world in ways that we can't even imagine."
- Bill Gates

Learn generative AI through these Modal courses

Create Business Impact with Generative AI and LLMs
• Identify, validate, and propose a high-impact project at your company with LLM's

• Learn how businesses use LLM's to solve problems

• Learn about some of the shortcomings of generative AI models

• Learn how to articulate and propose a project that uses generative AI at your business
Solve Business Problems with Prompt Engineering
• Learn prompt engineering strategies and techniques

• Identify a generative AI use case specific to your job

• Practice writing prompts relevant to that use case

• Get hands-on experience using LLM techniques for your specific use case
Plan AI Projects with Data Governance and Privacy Principles
• Identify a potential AI project that you or your team could work on at your job

• Learn about data governance frameworks and policies relevant to your project

• Create a document describing the compliance considerations needed for your project
"Modal is the BEST. I love the real time coaching and guidance to do my job better"
Rafael José Italiano
Senior Analyst

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