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Effective, cohort-based, practice-driven upskilling
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Strategic upskilling... that actually works.

Zero waste - Pay only for skills gained
Strategic - Learning tied to company goals and initiatives
Employee focused - Improved retention and career mobility

Delivering results starts with developing your team

Strategically upskill around company objectives

Identify key skills gaps to meet each individual where they are
1-1 coaching and accountability helps ensure new skills stick
Built to fit in your organization's roles, management, and culture

Elevate your team

with the most effective upskilling solution:

Programs are designed around
roles and responsibilities
Industry practitioners
support learners throughout
Courses built around
real on-the-job projects
Learners are placed in
courses based on skills
"With Modal, we not only focus on key skills gaps, but create measurable growth by 'learning through doing.' The combination of practice via labs, live events and projects in conjunction with content keeps our people engaged and accountable to their learning."
Ian Stevens
Learning and Talent Development
Publicis Sapient

Practical, technical skills through personalized learning and practice

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