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Modal helps companies develop the critical skills their employees care about with personally curated paths that give them the relevant roadmap to build their skills and advance their career.
Learner outcomes
We exist to help people learn new skills. We focus first on those skills that help organizations meet their goals, and those that help employees reach their career goals. When there are many competing priorities and difficult decisions in our business, choosing the path that optimizes for learner outcomes will usually be the best option.
Intellectual honesty
We ask the hard questions - about our business, ourselves, and our collective work. We are deeply curious, challenge assumptions, believe the data, and run towards criticism.
Invested in each other
We have the privilege of building the company imbued with high trust, humility, and kindness that we all want to work for. We assume good intent in others and practice it ourselves. None of us is bigger than the mission and we behave with decency and honesty. Always.
Accountability and ownership
We get stuff done and take ownership. When we don’t know how, we ask someone who does. When there’s no one to ask, we figure it out. We take pride in our stewardship and get stuff done at incredible velocity.
All about the mo’(mentum).
We are changing the paradigm of how people learn, and on the longest horizon, how people access economic opportunity. We focus on winning the day, the week, the month, and the year... We celebrate the Mo’ because we know that once a great idea takes wing, almost nothing can stop it.

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