LIVE WEBINAR | Aug 25 11AM PST | 2pm EST

Leading with Data Literacy:

How leaders can build a data-driven organization for bigger impact
Jordan Morrow (Speaker)
VP, Head of Data & Analytics,
BrainStorm Inc.
Darren Shimkus (Moderator)
Founder & CEO,
Modal Learning
🗓️ Aug 25, 11am PST | 2pm EST (60 mins)

📈 Wondering how you can build a more data-driven organization with impact?

Many organizations today struggle to build a more data-driven culture that fosters effective and impactful decision-making. The importance of data literacy is understood, but most organizations don't understand how to implement it properly.

In this live webinar, data literacy expert Jordan Morrow will share insights on how you can build and lead a more data-driven organization.

💡 During this talk, you will:

  • The key pillars of a data driven organization
  • What is data literacy and how does it play into the culture
  • How to build a data literacy program in your organization
  • How a leader can implement and build a data-driven organization